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WHAM! Golf Card

WHAM Cards are a fun way to lower your score, challenge friends to a strategic golf game, and for charities to raise more money for their cause. Please ask your favorite courses to make WHAM Cards available for purchase in their Pro Shops.

Peel off your purchased "advantages" and stick them to your scorecard. It's a fun way to correct those little mistakes we all make on the golf course. Your "advantages" include a Mulligan, a Do-Over, a Footwedge, an Automatic One Putt, a Tee Off from 150yds, and a Drop by the Best Ball coupon. (Don't forget to thank your buddy!) WHAM Cards are not recommended for PGA Tour Events, Qualifiers, Ryder Cup or Olympics, or when playing with cranky or tougher-than-you playing partners. WHAM Cards may cause irritation to nearby 'Rules-Guys'. Have fun, be safe.

For more information about or for larger quantity purchases of WHAM Cards, please visit our sister website,


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