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We would like to introduce you to the exciting Jack Link’s Canada Fundraising Program offered through Atlantic Marketing With A-Peel.  Our program offers a product that fits with the healthy life style promoted by sports clubs and schools.

Profits are as follows:

Order: 1 case = 40% Profit; 2-4 cases = 45% Profit and 5 or more cases = 50% Profit

Jack Link’s prides itself on producing the world’s finest jerky available in a variety of flavours and pack sizes for your enjoyment.  Jack Link’s beef jerky is a guilt free snack alternative which delivers a product high in protein, rich in iron, 97% fat free and most important of all – it tastes great.

Each pack sells for $2.50 and your group earns up to $1.25 from each sale.

We are able to provide your group with the Beef Steak in Original, Teriyaki and Sweet N’ Hot flavors.  No minimum order is required and freight is prepaid to most Canadian locations.  Only one master case with 12 carriers of 12 required. Must order in master case quantities.

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